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I Still Masturbate to My Cousin Pt 3

So by the age of 16, my cousin and I were sucking and jerking each other off as often as possible. Whenever one spent the night with the other, we knew each others cock was going to get sucked. I must admit that I looked forward to his fat dick sliding between my lips. Hearing him moan and whisper under his breath. Feeling his cum explode in my mouth. Don’t get me wrong, I loved his mouth on me as well, but it gave me this weird desire to please him, hear him, suck down his cum, and love every bit of it.… Read the rest

An encounter between two strangers Part 2:

His finger travelled up, next to the vertical line of her lips, and slowly passed over her pubic area back the right side. She felt her hip strain to the right, as if trying to follow his finger, trying to make contact again with that one spot that felt so good!

But his finger circled all the way down before centering itself on her panties again, pressing lightly upwards through her panties into the small depression where her opening was.

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An encounter between two strangers Part 1:

Chapter 1

Just before the doors of the subway slid shut, Katie Wilson slipped through and steadied herself against one of the standing poles in the middle of the subway car.

As the subway started pulling away, she swayed slightly, her body trying to keep with the motion of the accelerating car, both hands tightly gripping the metal pole in front of her. Even though there were hardly any people on the subway car (and thus plenty of open seats), Katie just wanted to catch her breath for a few moments.… Read the rest

Naughty girlfriend gets punished

I felt his glare before I met it. I looked up into his steel blue eyes. They seemed to be looking through me. I was suddenly aware that my hard nipples were brushing almost painfully against the seam of my bra – and I’m certain my panties were drenched. The Look does that to me.

“I’m sorry I’m late,” I whispered.

“Sorry you’re late, what?” he asked, firmly.

I smirked, thinking to myself – he just called himself a what – then, realizing that I’d better answer correctly I bit my lower lip, and contemplated.… Read the rest

Just a simple game of pool leads to anal sex

I blame the color of money.

No not green! I mean the movie Color of Money. Paul Newman before he became the king of salad dressing, Tom Cruise when he was still more…sane, I guess. And the still young, hot-as-hell Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, oh my god the ass on that woman. She was a fantasy of mine from the first time I saw that movie till…

As I was saying, I blame the Color of Money for my addiction to playing pool.… Read the rest

Virgin boy & lonely widow make love

Author’s Note: I struggled with whether this was a “First Time” or a “Mature” story. In the end, I suppose it’s about love and coming of age. So here it is.


I was there when Laura Hollander learned of the death of her husband. I was cleaning the Hollanders’ pool, and Laura was sitting at the patio table reading a magazine when the doorbell rang. That was a quarter century ago.… Read the rest

Daddy watches his little girl get gang banged:

The house was quiet as I sat at my computer checking email and wishing I wasn’t alone. My mind wandered off thinking of him, longing for him. I sat there squirming around in my chair, playing with my long blonde hair, with my eyes closed when I was startled by his voice. “Take off those shorts.”

I sat dead still for a moment and then heard, “I said, Take those shorts off, NOW!”

Although my heart was racing with anticipation I felt so excited to hear Daddy’s voice behind me.… Read the rest

Outsourcing for anal

Dammit I love my wife.

Her name is Meredith and everybody calls her Merry. She’s perfect. She works a full-time job as a management consultant. She cooks, cleans, does the laundry and the grocery shopping. She files our taxes and she walks my dog. She’s a slim, dark haired twenty-seven year-old hottie that pounces on me for sex at least twice a week. Plus, she’s smarter than me and she can deepthroat like a pro.… Read the rest

Older lawyer fucks his youthful client

“How long have I known you, Megan?” asked Gregor Arbuthnot, working late in the office.

The girl in the straight-backed chair by the desk had her face almost hidden in her hair. Her head was bowed. The sounds of her sobs was the only sound in the room. There were books in shelves around the office; a wood panelled door; heavy drapes over a view of the city, (high up). It was dark outside.… Read the rest

Mom walks in on masturbating son.

It was Friday night and I got home about 20 minutes early, ready to begin the weekend. The house was silent. Jeff, my son, must not be home yet, I thought. I decided to change into something more comfortable. That simple decision set off a chain of events that has forever changed my life.

When I walked in the room I froze in my tracks. Jeff was lying on my bed completely naked.… Read the rest

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