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A Treat from Daddy

By: Roxy

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School had finished and after the long walk home I was ready to relax and crash on my bed. As I turned the corner I saw that dad’s car was in the drive way. I walked in the front door and there was dad sitting on the couch, legs stretched out. On a comfy chair was Mr Gray, our neighbor from across the road.… Read the rest

Daddy’s Wet Girl

By: Roxy

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I was just passing dads room when he called out .. “Roxy … come here “.

I went back and walked into his room. He was standing over at the dresser with his back to me.

“What dad?” As I approached I seen that he was looking at a book. As I got closer I seen it was my diary.… Read the rest

Daddy’s Little Girl

By: Roxy

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My dad has always been affectionate from the first time I could remember. Nothing over the top. Just cuddles and hugs .

But after my mom ended up leaving us he was even more so. I put it down to him feeling lonely, so I made more of an attempt to be more considerate and do what I should. Once mom had left I had also seen more of my father than I should have .… Read the rest

Nuala Needs A Cock For The Summer

Nuala collapsed on top of the sleeping bag. She couldn’t believe how out of shape she was. She’d been on her school’s track and field team all through high school and she’d never thought about having to exercise to stay in shape. Things had changed at college though. She hadn’t done any exercise at all this last year and she sure noticed it now. She’d just assumed that her more feminine curves were due to the fact that she was getting older, she was almost 19 now, but maybe it was her body telling her that she had to get back in shape.… Read the rest

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