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Wife Watches Husband Fuck A Bitch In Heat

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My wife July and I had been married for ten years and our love life was not going well. By the way my name is Seth. one evening I had got home early and July was in the computer room. She never herd me come in so I thought that I would surprise her .… Read the rest

A Girls Sexual Adventure With Her Dogs:

It has been said that a dog was man’s best friend but I
am not sure that is the case. Some women would beg to
differ with that assumption. I have two big Dobermans
and they are more than just protection for me.

It started when I bought a dog due to the increase in
crime around where I live. I first shopped around to
find one that was gentle towards me and had a vicious
manner about him.… Read the rest

Man’s best friend is Woman’s best friend too! Dog!

My name is Rabia. I love dogs and have since I was a kid. Remember my blog “My First Time”. My husband does not like dogs so poor me, I’m living dog-less.

Nazli is my best friend. She was going to England for a summer vacation and was looking for someone to look after both her luxury condo and her big Labrador Retriever, Romeo. She didn’t have to ask me twice.… Read the rest

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