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My First Time

AUTHOR: Roy Newsome

Well i was a freshman in high school and we had just finished the year and were out for summer. It was early in the day and i was visiting a girl who was a junior and she had actually let me play with her pussy before. She said i want you to met someone this is Dee and she just moved here from Columbus Ga. Kathy’s boyfriend was also there so i knew we wouldn’t be doing anything sexual.… Read the rest


It was on a Friday morning when Jessica and Derborah knocked on my door. Two adorable, innocent twin sisters. Jessie was more open than Derbi and so socialize easier than her sister. They were both slightly taller than me, 20 year olds, round perfect tits, succulent lips, well rounded ass and gracious hour glass shape. Derbi is the shy type so it doesn’t take much for her to blush and just shy away.… Read the rest

Confessions of a Lesbian Sex Addict

There is something inexplicably sexy about the way a Latina walks down the street. In London, you can spot them from a mile away; their hips sway from side to side with the natural rhythm of waves and sea breeze. Their trousers strain to contain the voluptuous roundness of their assets – these princesses walk as if they owned the street. And when they move they do own them, yes sir.… Read the rest

Fucking Virgin Kritika

Hey, I am Roshan, 24 from Raipur, Chhattisgarh. After reading a lot from old readers here, I felt an urge to share my story which goes as follows.During my engineering 2nd yr., i met her on d road waiting for a public transport. Her name was Kritika. I offered ma help to drop her 2 d station n she readily agreed. Before reaching the station a car crossed in an absurd manner so I applied brakes suddenly n she was all over me.… Read the rest

How I Lost My Virginity To My Uncle

Hi Everybody

I am Bharathi. I am a regular reader of this site. I am 31 years old from Tamil Nadu. Frankly telling I am very beautiful with a structure of 32-30-34. I am married. My hubby is working in Software Company in US. I had a daughter 2 years old.

Let’s come to my story. This is my first and true story. It happens when I was a teen-aged girl.… Read the rest

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