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Co workers wife

This happen years ago but I can’t stop thinking about it from time to time. I worked with guy who had a very sexy red head wife. What she was doing with guy I had no idea. Guess she had low standards. Her husband worked nights and I had the days. Sometimes I would work Saturdays in the office and had the whole place to myself. She started coming around to hang out and chat with me.… Read the rest

Mildred Fucks Her Son In Law

AUTHOR – Mildred Burgos Gomez

My name is Mildred and me and my son-in-law fucked for a period of 3 months during the time we were both having problems in our marriages . Chris Talton married my daughter Lisa and they were fucking as soon as they met.

Lisa was a sexually active teen and young adult. I caught her fucking her boyfriend in my bed and we got several complaints from school she would flash boys at gym.… Read the rest

Fucked At Drunken State

Hey this is your loving Priya once again. After your huge response over my earlier stories I decided to get you know about my present boyfriend and the incidence.
This is one of the many incidences of it. Let me also tell you that I have shifted to Singapore and having lots of fun here. Any Kind of review about my stories can be mailed to mailme_jainpriya@rediffmail.com

I’ll be keeping an eye there and would surely love to reply you all.

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Office Sex With Prachi

Hi, this is Rohit as you enjoy my stories. I use to work on a company in Mumbai where I meet my co-worker (Prachi) who is married but was advantages and bold. But that didn’t stop her from having an affair with me over the course of a few months. Prachi was a 42yr old married co-worker who at first didn’t interest me and seemed more interested in the boss than her husband.… Read the rest

Nuala Needs A Cock For The Summer

Nuala collapsed on top of the sleeping bag. She couldn’t believe how out of shape she was. She’d been on her school’s track and field team all through high school and she’d never thought about having to exercise to stay in shape. Things had changed at college though. She hadn’t done any exercise at all this last year and she sure noticed it now. She’d just assumed that her more feminine curves were due to the fact that she was getting older, she was almost 19 now, but maybe it was her body telling her that she had to get back in shape.… Read the rest

Photo shoot

Before we get into some action, allow me to introduce myself. I am Pratap, a popular photographer in Tamil film industry. Most new aspirants wait in line to get their portfolios done by me, and many directors swear by my name when it comes to still photography. I have had quite a few exciting experiences, which I would really be glad to share with all of you. But there is one particular incident that I want to narrate in detail here, because it got me really excited a lot.… Read the rest

The babysitter

Naomi an 18 year old girl from down the street was babysitting for us every other tuesday. The last months or so she had developped into that phase between girl and woman. The looks almost entirely a woman, her acts switching between that of a child and woman.

One day I came home early and tried to be silent entering the house not to wake up the kids. I called Naomi but did not see her.… Read the rest

Nice Time With My Ex-Boyfriend

Hi,this is Priya again with real incident happen 3 months back. Let me describe myself am Priya  from Chennai with age of 24 recently married .
I was in love with karthik in my college days. Due to some misunderstanding we got broke up but we had sex while we are in love. My parents arrange marriage with my cousin Dinesh who is 30 now. He is well build body. Our engagement period was really good with outing and I have been understand Dinesh well.… Read the rest

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