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Co workers wife

This happen years ago but I can’t stop thinking about it from time to time. I worked with guy who had a very sexy red head wife. What she was doing with guy I had no idea. Guess she had low standards. Her husband worked nights and I had the days. Sometimes I would work Saturdays in the office and had the whole place to myself. She started coming around to hang out and chat with me.… Read the rest

The Guy Next Door (Pt.1)

By: QueenD

(True story) December 30, 2013 That day was a day to remember, my new neighbors moved in. Thinking (“there’s no teenagers there’s only older guys and three younger girls”) but I was wrong. I walked up to my door and glanced over to the house, I seen a 5’9 teen just like me with his shirt off and muscles showing. As I’m going to get the mail in a tang top with the shortest shorts on.… Read the rest

A Sweet Treat

By: Jude

I visited the home of my twin girlfriends (secret girlfriends though). I hadn’t called before I came, turns out it was only their aunt in the house. Aunt Luci is a curvalicious brunette. Big Ass, Large Enticing Hips, Hypnotic Tits too. She is usually warm but receptive to male visitors of her nieces. She asked me to come in with the warmest of smiles. Though I was disappointed that my girls were not around, I decided to stay for a little while.… Read the rest

The horny babysitter

My wife and I wanted a night alone together on the town about three months after the birth of our first c***d. We called up a nice 20 year old girl whom we had known for a while and asked her to babysit. She was more than happy to oblige. 

When the babysitter arrived, my wife was still getting ready. I answered the door and had to control myself. I hadn’t seen the babysitter in a few years, and the time had certainly been good to her.Read the rest

Servicing A Prison Guard While Servicing Time

I’m serving a five-year term in prison, and recently was placed in a drug and alcohol treatment program. One of the counselors is a bust blonde I’ll call Trista — a goddess. She was always super nice and cordial and interested in my treatment. I thought maybe she had a thing for me, but I wasn’t positive.

One day Trista had me come to her office. When I got there, she was having a snack.… Read the rest

I was 18 at that time

I was 18 and he was 21 that time. He rushed in my life like a hurricane. He was so handsome, so adult, so vigorous, so strong,… though I must admit I didn’t like him at first. I wasn’t used to pushing at the first date, you know, I was counting seconds to run away from him, but he was so persistent kissing my lips and caressing my body…

It’s not that I was a modest girl, I was an ice-queen.… Read the rest

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