The Guy Next Door (Pt.1)

By: QueenD

(True story) December 30, 2013 That day was a day to remember, my new neighbors moved in. Thinking (“there’s no teenagers there’s only older guys and three younger girls”) but I was wrong. I walked up to my door and glanced over to the house, I seen a 5’9 teen just like me with his shirt off and muscles showing. As I’m going to get the mail in a tang top with the shortest shorts on. So a month passes by and I finally talk to him, instantly felt my pussy get wet as I’m fantasizing about him just rubbing and touching me but I knew I had to snap out of it as I tried to make my nipples non seeable thew my bra and shirt. Another month passes by we become very close his whole family loves me.

This one special night I was over his house hanging out with his younger sister Jennifer, Alina,and, Felicita as my little sisters there to. He pulls me to a side and says follow me and so I do he took me in the room and we sat on his bed as I looked at him and didn’t realize he was having a erection. As we kept talking he pushed me flat on his bed forcing his hands into my shorts as i begin to push his hands away and say (“our sisters are in the other room and your mom is in the living room”) he puts his finger on my lips softly and say shhh.

He continues to what he started and started to rub my hot and wet pussy. I gently start to moan under my breath as he stops and and I rise up (“what happened”) I say (“nothing”) he says (“then”) I say anxious. He looks at me and says (“suck my dick”) with a firm voice and bends my face to his hard dick and rubs it on my lips. I begin to suck him slowly and deep as he’s making me gag. I went down to go deep again as I felt his hand push my head down with force and chokes me with his hard thick dick. I rise up (“what happened”) I shake my head no. He peeks around the corner to see if his mom is in the living room but she went to the bathroom to take his little sister a bath. He grabs the buckle on my shorts and told me to sit down. I say (“why are we in the living room”) (“because … Suck my dick some more”) I ask no more questions and suck his dick. He stops again (“what”) I say (“I kinda want to fuck you now”) he says (“go ahead”) and I open the side of my shorts as he try’s forcing it in my tight pussy (“I can’t”) he says (“let’s go to the kitchen”) I walk to the kitchen while bends me over the counter.

He grabs my ass and pulls my shorts down and rubs my tight and firm ass and stuck the head of his dick in my pussy. I slightly moan as he gives me a full forced erect dick inside. He puts his hand over my mouth as he fucks me hard and fast as I lick on his fingers he stuck in my pussy earlier that night and nibbles on it. We both hear a door open and he pulled out with more pre cum from his dick and puts it in his pants and helps me put my ass back in the shorts and hurry and tried to find food to make it look like he was cooking for me but his mom yells at him in Spanish, as I ask him what she said and says (“I’m not stupid you better not be doing anything your not suppose to be doing”) and sits on the couch as I tell him I have to go home! It’s 12:09 in the morning and I have school in the morning. he says (“I’ll walk you home”) and I we walk close to each other and he says I can’t wait till tomorrow 😉


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