As was normal for me, I had a group of guys over to watch Sunday football. It was a ritual each week. We’d drink, joke, harass each other about our favorite team and just have a good old time. Normally, since the wife isn’t a huge fan, she leaves to go shopping or whatever women do when they’re alone. Living in Florida, it’s still very warm when the season starts, so most of us wore, short pants, and t-shirts.

After the first game, we were getting pretty rowdy and feeling no pain. I stepped out back to get some fresh air while waiting for the second game to start. I looked over the half wall that separated my backyard from the neighbors yard to see their daughter laying out on her stomach sunning with her bikini top off. I didn’t care much for her parents, they were always bickering and just slovenly, but she was a very pretty girl. She was 20 and living with them while she attended college. About 5’4 shapely legs, a nice small ass that always brought dirty thoughts into my mind. As I stood there looking at her and trying not to look too obvious, she looked up and said hi. I asked her how her day was going, and she responded that she was bored with just laying around. Having enough booze in me to forget any inhibitions, I told her that if she was bored, she could join us and watch the games…but that some of the boys were a little rowdy.

She smiled and said that sounded like fun. As she started to get up, she grabbed her top, but waited to put it on until she stood, giving me an excellent view of her small firm melons. After putting the top back on and covering it with a t-shirt, she walked around the dividing wall, and said show me the way.

As I walked in with her, the room that moments ago was very loud, became instantly silent. I introduced her around and showed her to a seat…next to me of course, on the couch. Jerry was sitting on the other side of her, just staring at her legs and thighs. One of the guys offered her a beer which she drank rather quickly saying it looked like she needed to catch up some. As the game started we all got comfortable again, and began joking about whose team was winning or losing. Meanwhile she downed her second beer and rested her hand on my thigh. I could feel the heat from her hand burning my leg, and giving me an instant hard-on. Within a couple of minutes her hand was resting right on my hard cock, gently rubbing it through my shorts. I looked her in the eyes and she responded by licking her lips in that seductive way that almost had me blowing my load right then and there.

Jerry must have seen what was going on, cause he soon had his hand on her tit, slowly rubbing it till her nipple was a hard little stone. Before I knew it, she was unzipping my shorts and pulling my cock out to rub it in the open. The other guys must have instinctively known that something was going on, because in no time, they had all forgotten the game and were intently watching the show on the couch. Jerry managed to get her t-shirt off over her head and loosened her bikini top to expose her ripe young tits to all of us horny guys.

While he continued to massage one tit, I began to play with the other. Soon I was pulling on her nipple while she pumped my dick up and down with a twisting motion that was driving me crazy.

After what seemed like forever and mere seconds all at the same time, she let go of my cock and started to get up. I thought for a moment that the fun was over, that she was just a very brave or dumb cock tease. That was until she got down on her knees in front of me and began to kiss my dick. She continued by licking its length, and then finally opened her cute little mouth and began swallowing its length. She sat there topless, between my legs with her small little bikini covered ass up in the air, blowing my cock…I was in heaven. The other guys, of course, decided that they wanted in as well. Soon, someone grabbed her bottoms and yanked them down to her knees. She never even flinched. With that you could almost hear 8 zippers drop and pants fall to the floor in unison. I struggled to take my shorts off completely while she continued to suck my dick with expertise beyond her years. Meanwhile hands were roaming all over her body, with special attention being paid to her ass and pussy area. After many fingers had explored her bodily holes, Ken got behind her and slid his tongue into her now drenched cunt. I couldn’t believe how lucky I was. Getting a great blow job while my friends played with her tits, ass and cunt.

After a few minutes of tongue fucking her, Ken traded his tongue for his cock and slowly slid it all the way into her wet pussy. She let out a low moan around my dick. I was nearing the point of no return and was ready to blow my load down her throat. Just then my wife walked in and just stood there with packages in her hand in what looked like a state of shock. It was enough to keep me from cumming, but with this little nymph still sucking my dick, I remained still and hard.

Then a few of the guys who weren’t getting any right that second ran over, grabbed the bags from her hands and picked her up with their hands on her tits. I guess she was still in shock cause she never moved a muscle to stop them. I thought I was going to be divorced by morning, but the talented little tongue that was bathing my cock, kept me from caring right at that second. As one guy held my wife up in the air, another unbuttoned her pants and pulled them and her panties off. Then they set her down on the couch next to me, where the neighbor had been. Someone immediately dived into my wife’s spread legs and began to kiss and lick her pussy lips. Within minutes her look of horror was now a look of pure joy. I leaned over to kiss my wife, hoping that she wasn’t still in shock. Her tongue quickly probed my mouth telling me everything was OK with her.

Just then, Ken began really pounding into the neighbors cunt, and with one final thrust, I’m sure was dumping his load deep inside her. She moaned again, and that was all it took to have me cum in her mouth. The combination of watching her get fucked, my wife being eaten out and the great blow job she gave had me spilling a bucket of cum into her mouth. She greedily gulped down every drop. After I stopped cumming, she began to lick me dick again cleaning all remains of my cum off it and reinvigorating it. At the same time another dick was being thrust into her slippery pussy.

My wife sitting there enjoying the tongue fucking she was getting removed her top and bra so she was now as naked as the rest of us. She was soon pulled from the couch and laid on her back on the carpet. A cock was placed at the opening to her wet pussy, and slowly pushed in. At the same time, another straddled her head and presented her his dick, which she eagerly accepted into her waiting mouth. Other hands were now exploring her tits and ass while she sucked and fucked the others.

By now my neighbor slut, was servicing some of the others in the room. She was still on her hands and knees with a dick deep down her throat and one buried in her fir patch. Cum was running down her thighs with each stroke out. I was getting very horny again watching this scene. Here was my wife with a cock in each hand, one in her mouth, and one deep in her pussy. And near her, the neighbor with one up her cunt from behind, and one down her throat, while hands explored her tits and ass. The guy fucking her was also sliding a finger into her very exposed ass, which seemed to turn her on even more. As he got to the point of cumming, he pulled out of her and shot his load all over her ass and back.

The guy my wife had been sucking, moaned he was cumming and shot some cum down her throat and then pulled out of her mouth to shoot some on her face and neck. That caused the guy buried in her cunt to shoot his load deep inside her, and one of the guys she was jerking off shot his load all over her tits. That was enough for me. I got behind the neighbor and rubbed my cock in the sloppy mess that was her pussy, getting it full of sperm to coat it. I placed the head of my cock at the entrance to her ass and paused to see if she would stop me. She just moved from one limp, clean cock to one hard one. I pushed into her ass very slowly so as not to hurt her, stopping every little bit to let her get used to the feel of it. Soon I was buried all the way to my balls in her ass. I slowly pulled back and then a little more forcefully thrust forward. The moan from her mouth was one of pleasure not pain, so I began to pump my dick in and out of her ass.

I looked over to the side to see my wife now on her hands and knees with another cock in her mouth and one deep in her cunt. She was fucking back as hard as she could and blowing that dick like she hadn’t eaten in a month. Hands still explored her sticky chest and ass while her head bobbed up and down the length of dick she was servicing.

The tightness of her ass had me blowing my second load in no time. I’d pretty much lost track of who was cumming in and on who and how many times. After I slowly removed my limp dick from her viselike ass, I made my way to the bathroom to clean up, and was immediately replaced by another hard dick. When I returned the two guys in my wife were just finishing up, shooting their loads into her respective holes. Both women were a mess of cum and sweat. My wife reached over and gave the neighbor a good hard smack on the ass that produced a welt, and seemed to be the first thing that startled her all day. My wife said, “You started this you slut. Whoring yourself like this, you better do whatever I say, or your folks will find out what’s happened here today.” I couldn’t believe my wife was talking like that…she was like a woman possessed. All the guys were taken aback, waiting to see what happened next. The neighbor bowed her head in submission. My wife got on her back in front of her and told her to lick her clean of all the cum she had caused her to wear. The neighbors eyes seemed to light up again as she lowered her head to the cum oozing cunt of my wife and began to lick the cum from her thighs and pussy. My wife looked around and found the guy with the largest cock among us and told him to come over to her. She sucked him till she was sure he was completely hard and ready for action.

As the neighbor stuck her tongue deep in my wifes pussy, my wife told big dick to ram his cock into the neighbors ass. To fuck her hard and fast and with no mercy. His wicked smile was his obvious agreement. He got behind her upturned ass, and quickly sunk his whole length deep into her ass. She let out a groan of pain and pleasure but continued to lick my wifes cunt and thighs. My wife grabbed her hair and pulled her head up and said “don’t forget to clean all the way down slut!” and pushed her face back down into her crotch. She began licking down her ass crack as the cock continued to impale her small firm little ass. The rest of us just sat there watching the show, partially out of curiosity, partly to try to recover ourselves and partly afraid of what my wife might have in store for us.

Soon the tongue bath the girl next door was giving my wife had her bucking her hips up and screaming at the whore to eat her pussy. This I later found out was my wife’s fourth orgasm of the day. As my wife climaxed the cock in the neighbor erupted another load of cum deep in her ass. She was a mess of cum from ass to knee, and cunt to face. As my wife’s orgasm subsided, the neighbor fell to the floor exhausted and laid on her back, no longer strong enough to stay upright.

My wife with her cunt clean of cum, told all of the guys that they had to each fuck her at least one more time in either the cunt or ass, and cum either in her or on her. Then she looked at me and crawled over to me and lowered her lips to my dick. I was sitting there watching the train line waiting to fuck the neighbor one more time while my wife sucked my now sore cock. Since each of us had cum at least twice by now, each dick that was shoved in the girl next door, pounded her a long time before releasing another load of cum. My wife then turned around to let me fuck her from behind while giving me a great view of the neighbor, legs up over the shoulders of the guy ramming his cock into her pussy.

I began pumping my dick into my wifes clean, but very wet cunt, while watching the onslaught of cocks going into the neighbor. The next guy lifted her ass up off the ground to plunge his cock into her ass while fingering her clit. I was getting into a pretty good rhythm with the wife, fucking her for all I was worth. Suddenly, she moved forward enough to cause my dick to come completely out of her wet snatch. She sat up and kissed me over her shoulder, then whispered in my ear…”I hope you enjoyed this. Since your birthday is in two weeks, this is your present. Happy birthday. The last part of your gift is that you get to take my ass while watching the slut get pounded.”

I couldn’t believe it. She had never acted like this without at least some alcohol to get her in the mood. She got back down on all fours and wiggled her ass at me. I wasted no time in burying my dick into her waiting ass and pumping deep into her tight hole. I continued to watch each guy take his turn fucking the girl next door and shoot cum on her belly and cunt. When I shot my load into the wife’s ass, she got up as my limp, sore dick slid out of her and went to the bathroom to clean up. While in there, the last of the guys had finished fucking the neighbor, and feeling somewhat guilty I guess, all got up dressed and headed home.

The neighbor gingerly got up, put her swimsuit back on over her cum covered body, and said she was going home to shower. When my wife came out, she just smiled and cuddled with me on the couch. Never did find out who won that game…and didn’t care!