Helen needed money badly, the spring term was over and her group was going to Italy, it was a one-week tour and Helen didn’t want to miss it. The trip was half sponsored by college and students with excellent records could go for free but Helen was not a bright students, she was medium, she got b-s and a-s but to be an absolute A-craver was out of the question for her. She couldn’t imagine spending all of her time craving books. She liked to go out and have fun sometimes.

Asking her parents for 400 hundred dollars that she needed for the trip was out of the question. When she turned 18 her father bought her a car and Helen promised that she wouldn’t ask parents for money as the car set her father back a great deal of money. Where could she get that damned 400 dollars to pay for the trip. Tomorrow was the last day to turn in the money and if she didn’t find it, she would have to stay in town for a week while her group will be having fun in Italy.

She remembered about Principal Johnson and decided to call at his office after classes. He was alone in the office and Helen stepped in and smiled.

“Hello, Mr. Johnson, Can I talk to you for a second?”, Helen asked and went further into the room.

“Oh, yes please, come on in”, Mr. Johnson answered. He was a forty year old man with a belly. Helen used to notice that Mr. Johnson treated girls specially and sometimes she felt pretty confused when he would stare at her bare legs.

“So, what brought you here”, Mr. Johnson asked trying to make the atmosphere informal and friendly.

“You know, I want to go on that trip so bad but I don’t have the 400 hundred dollars to pay for it”, Helen said and looked at Mr. Johnson.

“Well, that’s too bad, but what if I told you that you could go on that trip and all the expenses for the trip would be covered by college budget”, Mr. Johnson said and looked at Helen.

“Well, I’d sure love it, but as far as I know one has to have an excellent academic record to go on a trip for free”, Helen said and remembered about her grades which left much to be desired.

“You’re right, but who decides about student performance? Who fills in the academic performance list?, it’s me!”, Mr. Johnson said raising his voice a bit.

Helen didn’t say anything, she understood that Mr. Johnson was the one to decide who would get the scholarship and stuff like that. He was like a god in college and he could do anything knowing that there would never be any inspection. Mr. Johnson’s brother held a high position in the Government and he always made sure his brother’s college received enough funding.

Helen knew perfectly what Mr. Johnson was driving at but she decided to make a fool out of herself and make Mr. Johnson say what he wanted.

“So, what should I do to get college fund my trip?”, Helen asked in a naïve voice.

“You know Helen that man of my age need attention from ladies and you seem to be a rather attractive lady, you’re young and fresh and you’ll have a great future if you are on good terms with me”, Mr. Johnson said and it seemed that he had prepared that speech before, he sounded so self-assured and confident.

“Oh, attention from ladies, but I am just 18, and I am just a girl, not a lady”, Helen said, although she knew this would not stop Mr. Johnson.

“Well, so much the better for me, I love teen girls and you’re rather pretty”, Mr. Johnson said and started unzipping the fly on his pants. “Be a good student, Helen, come closer and see what I’ve got for you”, Mr. Johnson said taking his cock out.

Helen was looking at Mr. Johnson taking his fat cock out, she was like in a state of trance, there was no way back and she wanted that trip badly, she sighed and made a step to Mr. Johnson. She crouched and his dick was now before her face, she took it in her mouth and started sucking it, Mr. Johnson moaned and leaned back in his comfortable armchair, Helen was sucking on his dick rhythmically and methodically and in a few minutes Mr. Johnson took Helen by the head and started guiding the pace, he was trying to impale her deeper on his dick, he wanted her to virtually swallow it but Helen couldn’t do it, his dick was too fat and long that she couldn’t possible take it all the way in. When Mr. Johnson tried push his dick deeper into her throat Helen started choking and her saliva was running down his stem down to his balls. When Mr. Johnson’s excitement reached the critical level he took Helen’s head with his two hands and started pushing his dick deep into her throat making sure she held her head still, he was fucking her like that for a few minutes and when he took his dick out Helen’s mouth was leaking with saliva.

He rose from his armchair and put Helen on the table. Mr. Johnson was crazy about the school uniform and seeing it on slender girl’ bodies was driving his dick out of his pants. Helen’s had long, slender legs and the skirt on her legs looked rather exciting. Mr. Johnson took off the skirt and Helen was now in her pink panties only. Mr. Johnson slowly took them off and saw her tight, yummy pussy.

Mr. Johnson’s dick was on the verge of exploding, Helen did a good sucking job and he couldn’t wait anymore, he brought his dick close to her pussy and started rubbing his dickhead over it, whenever his dickhead was rubbing in the vicinity of her clit Helen moaned and sighed deeply.

When Mr. Johnson felt that Helen’s pussy was wet enough to welcome his member in he started pushing his fat cock into her tight pussy. Helen arched her back when Mr. Johnson penetrated her, he started drilling her without any foreplay speeding up as fast as he could. Helen was screaming and moaning, her pussy was being torn apart by his giant dick. After a few minutes Mr. Johnson sat back in his armchair again and made a gesture for Helen to mount his dick.

Helen didn’t need to be asked twice, she impaled herself on Mr. Johnson’s dick and started moving her body up and down. Mr. Johnson arched back in the armchair but didn’t close his eyes, he wanted to see Helen riding his dick, that was the hell of a show for him. Helen was riding his dick without stopping, Mr. Johnson felt he was on the verge of cumming and he started making the upward movements in rhythm with Helen, in a few seconds Mr. Johnson’s sperm spat out of his dick and started flooding Helen’s pussy. She felt it and started going up and down his dick even faster. Helen’s pussy was so tightly embracing Mr. Johnson’s dick that his orgasm was really intense, Helen didn’t stop until she felt she drained Mr. Johnson completely. Then she got off from his dick, kneeled and started licking the drops of cum off it, Mr. Johnson was moaning with pleasure, he was sitting back in his armchair letting Helen and her skillful tongue lick his dick clean. When she finished he opened his eyes and said:

“The college is going to fund your trip, come tomorrow and pick up the tickets and we’ll deal with the documents”, He said in a low voice and it seemed he was purring like a cat. Helen did a great job and Mr. Johnson was on his clouds.

“I’ll come by tomorrow, thank you”, Helen said, put her clothes back on and left the office.

She was walking home proudly thinking about the trip to Italy she was going to take with her group. Besides, being on good terms with Mr. Johnson also meant high prospects for the future. Helen was happy…