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Derby cuddled in my arms. Whatever we felt at that moment was love, lust, passion. Whatever strong adjective. We agreed to be a couple. I found at also that her sister was not a virgin. It wasn’t surprising. She left when her sister called and said lectures had been cancelled. I never knew when I would be with her alone, again. You see, twins tend to think alike and they always tend to be together, so it would be really difficult being alone with my Derby.

It was evening, the clouds were pregnant. I suddenly heard a gentle tap on my door. It was Derby and she invited me over to her house. It seemed she told her sister everything. Their shower had been fixed. Derby hugged me from behind, she whispered sweet nonsense in my ear. She was grinding me from behind. Because Jessie was there, I was rather calm. Suddenly, Jessie hugged and kissed me. She was rubbing my dick through my shorts. The instant reaction from my dick left me slightly embarrassed. “Relax baby, we just want to keep you warm, it’s cold outside” Derby said. Within seconds, I was shirtless and my twin goddess were completely nude. They helped me free my dick from my shorts. Derby had a go first, she coated it with her saliva, jacked it, and planted kisses on it, she licked the tip seductively and traced her fingers from the tip to the base and jacked it off. Meanwhile, Jessie dove deep into her sister’s legs and feast on her pussy. It was erotic and this made my dick harder. I leaned forward and grabbed Jessie’s ass that was hanging out in the air and feast in her pussy. She was wet like a stream, this made her loose concentration on Derby for a while and gave Derby the time to bobble up and down my dick with real freedom. “Baby please fuck me” were all Jessie could manage to say from her moaning. My dick was guarded to her pussy by the adorable Derby. Her pussy was slightly open that Derby’s but nevertheless it was tight. It was as if a switch was flipped inside of me.

I rammed her pussy with the speed of a 100m sprint runner. She bit the pillow hard, I could see pain and pleasure in her face but mostly pleasure. Derby removed my dick from her sister’s ass and gave me a short heavenly blowjob whilst caressing her sister’s pussy. She stuck it in again and I fired on. As I was fucking Jessie’s pussy, the sight of Derby licking, sucking and finger fucking Jessie’s ass got me all fired up and I pumped harder until Jessie pulled away. I grabbed Derby and we kissed for four to five seconds before my mouth found the way to her tits. I pinched and pulled her nipples while she just cooed. Derby then guarded my dick to Jessie’s pussy who was now laying on her back now. I nibbled on her ear, her neck and her lips. She was clearly exhausted from the intense fuck earlier on. But she bit her lips and was fucking herself on my dick. I saw a tear drip from her eyes but she pulled me closer to her and whispered “again”. I picked up the pace, her pussy was flooding with cum. Derby then straddled Jessie’s face and was wriggling. I reached forward and grabbed Jessie’s tits. Jessie was eating all she could of Derby’s pussy while also keeping pace with me.

I could tell Derby was close as she threw her head backwards and moved faster. That was really erotic. I increased my pace and in no time we all came together. For the next five minutes or so, the sisters were in each other’s arms, necking. Then as if they remembered I was there, they looked up at me and giggled. I knelt on the bed and they crawled towards me, grabbed my dick and gave me one hell of a blowjob. I was rock solid again. “My turn”, Derby said. I laid on my back. First, Jessie straddled my face and wiggled. She grabbed my face and pressed it against her pussy while she was grinding. Derby straddled my cock and bounced on it letting out moans of Passion, she took the full length and increased her pace. The tightness of her pussy was pleasure. It squeezed my dick with passion. Up top, Jessie fucked my face till she came and rolled off of me. Her juice was all over my face. She was clearly exhausted by now. Derby leaned forward to lick her sister’s juice on my face, this enabled me to adjust my position and controlled the rhythm. It was as electrifying as it was sexy. She cried out. I drove faster and spanked her ass. This sent her into a euphoric state as she clenched her teeth and let out a sexy cry and came. The feeling of her tight pussy walls clamping against my dick had me shooting cum into her pussy almost immediately. The two sisters got into a 69 Position and licked their pussy clean. They both gave me one final orgasm and we spent the cold night in each others arms. I now date both girls, though secretly.