It was on a Friday morning when Jessica and Derborah knocked on my door. Two adorable, innocent twin sisters. Jessie was more open than Derbi and so socialize easier than her sister. They were both slightly taller than me, 20 year olds, round perfect tits, succulent lips, well rounded ass and gracious hour glass shape. Derbi is the shy type so it doesn’t take much for her to blush and just shy away.

I had considered dating each of them at different times but I wasn’t serious with it. For the moment though, I was “girl friend – less” They both lived in the same bed sitter on the hostel I live while I live alone. We weren’t that close, just acquaintances, though they’ve both spent time at my house for one reason or the other. That morning, their shower was broken and they needed to take a bath, guess who they ran to. I obliged without hesitation and with no malicious intent. Jessie went in first and when she was done, she thanked me and left, she had lectures. Derby on the other hand was free, like me. So we discussed a little bit, not much. While taking her bath, she called out to me and asked for assistance with the soap. Confused, I approached the bathroom door and knocked, she asked me to come in. Lo and behold, a live sex symbol, a free show. My dick quickly stood erect.

“Hand me the soap please, i’m already wet and I don’t want to live the shower” As if controlled by an external force, I walked swiftly to give her the soap. Whatever this chick was playing, she’s definitely winning and definitely enjoyin it. Whatever sexy thought I had in mind were quickly dashed away when she said, “thank you. Now go outside”.

As I went back to the living room, I released my cock from my jeans as it already hurts a little from the strain. After about 5 mins, she came out with just her towel on, and I arranged myself properly before she could see me. She slowly and seductively – not sure, maybe it was in my head – applied cream on her hands, her precious little face and her legs which many models would be proud of. All this while, I didn’t say a word. I was dumb founded but also fucking hard.

“Jude,” she said, “please help me rub cream on my back”. I knew this was my cue, if I blow this one, it could be it. So I slowly rubbed it slowly into her back while she let the towel drop on her back. I could see the edged of that seductive ass, it’s like it was reaching out for me. Slowly but surely, I massaged her neck and shoulders until she became relaxed. I moved my hand to her sides, and massaged my way to her clevage, and she kept moaning beautifully which encouraged me to go even further. I started reaching for her tits when suddenly she grabbed my hands. I stood there, mortified, when she placed them firmly on her breast, looked up at me and smiled. I tured to her front and squatted before her, I pulled her nipples slowly and those brown nipples became hard as my dick. She threw her head back and got in the mood, I stripped her off the towel and we lip locked for several seconds. I held her legs and raised it up whilst she rubbed her breast.

I kissed slowly and licked from under her leg to her inner thighs, just close to the pussy and I switched to the other leg. She jerked slightly with her eyes shut. She opened her mouth to say something but words didn’t come out. I gave her pussy a peck and she reached for it then I quickly caught her hand. I kept messing around wit her tits, her necks, her ass, with little kisses, pinches and squeezing. I could tell she needed her pussy to be touched, I slowly stuck my tongue down the most beautiful, tight, and sweet smelling pussy I had ever seen or tasted. She cummed almost immediately, I played with her clitoris, flicked it with my tongue and slowly fingered her pussy.

I found out that she was a virgin. She held my head and kept ramming her pussy to my face until she cummed again. While I enjoyed what I was doing, I was receiving torture. I finally freed my dick and seeing her more relaxed, I slowly slid my dick in the well of jewels. She gasped for breath. I was trying to keep myself under control but I was about to explode so I fired as fast as I could while she screamed and clutched the couch. I knew I was too hard on her but at that moment, I was not human, I was something else as I felt my cum building. I saw a tear drop escape her eye so I tried and managed to pull out but she surprised me by reaching for my dick immediately, slid it in her pussy and started fucking herself on it. The tightness of her pussy coupled with the top view I had of this beautiful with perfect tits that everybody wanted was wriggling and fucking herself on my dick made me explode in her and immediately she climaxed for the 3rd time. She opened her eyes and looked at me with a smile and we kissed. That was how I started with the twins. More to come…