My best mate at the time this true story occurred was Graham and we usually did everything together which usually included getting into trouble.

We both were interested in science so we enrolled in a country college in Queensland (a state of Australia). This was going to be a whole year study course about the effects of insects on the ecology of creeks and farm land. This college was an ideal place for this course as right beside it was a farm as well as several little creeks running through and around it.

As part of the practical part of the course we had set insects traps in and around the waters of the creeks. These needed checking every day, and was usually done at lunch time and to do this our science lecturer by college rules had to come with us to the creek. I think it was a safety issue.

It took about 45 minutes to get the insects and classify and count them. I volunteered to do this job with my mate Graham only because it got away from the other suck hole, suck up students.

The lecturer who used to come with us was an unmarried female lecturer (Miss. M). Being a lecturer school policy was to refer to her as a Miss but her Christian name was Louise. Louise was about 28 years old, dark long hair and was a lot shorter than the other teachers being only 5’2″ and proportionately built.

She used to do the creek run as it was called because it was an excuse for her to get away from the other male lecturers who was always trying to get her to go out with them. Being with us down by the creek, she was left alone by them as students were always within ear shot.

For the first month or so it was just the usual boring matter of going down crossing through the farm land to the creek and pulling the traps up, recording the types and numbers of insets in the traps.

The only thing that made it bearable was we were away from the other students and their crap and of course the perve I got on the Miss M.

Unbeknown to us at the time Graham did us a huge favour one day by saying he had to go back to the college to have a pee real bad.

Because we had only been down at the creek for about 10 minutes and the days task was nowhere near complete Miss M. said she was not going to go all the way back to school and then come all the way back down to the creek so as Graham could have a pee. She then said, he could go down the creek a bit go to the toilet there.

He went and I could see her looking up towards Graham all the time. At this time I thought she was just watching him to make sure he was safe. When we went back to school and had left Miss M. I told him she kept looking down to where he was peeing. Graham made a joking remark about her wanting his body. In our jestering we decided he would do it again to see if she would continue to watch.

The next day having only just arrived at the creek Graham said he needed to pee again. She said to him I hope this is not going to become a habit and maybe he should go before we come to the creek. Graham brushed of her comment and said look I got to go. As Graham walked off she said I have brothers so you do not have to go so far up the creek.

This little piddle ritual became a daily event and as the days went on Graham got bolder until about two weeks later he pulled his prick out and peed where we were, saying to Miss M. he could not wait. She said nothing so I got game and pulled my cock out to pee as well, saying Graham peeing made me want to pee.

She said nothing and I could see that she was looking at mine and by the look on her face she seemed to like what she was seeing. She seemed to enjoy watching me more than Graham and I could not work it out as I was not that big. I had always believed girls liked big cocks and I was at first a little embarrassed.

So every school day for the next month we went down to the creek to gather and count the insects (and for our ritual pee).

Over the next couple of weeks she got bolder and started to ask us could she watch us close up. Then one day it all took a big turn for the better.

Miss M. said to me that she wanted to do something that she used to do to her brothers. Without saying another word Louise reached out and grabbed my cock and said to me to pee now. Which I of course I did without question. Whilst I was peeing, she started moving my cock around, making patterns in the dirt.

As she was moving it around I could feel my cock getting hard and by the time I had finished peeing it was fully erect. She said I should not get hard or this peeing would stop – Right! Tell an 18 year old not to get a hard on when a gorgeous older women has him in her hand. Was she stupid or what?

She then put a stop to our pee sessions insisting that we were there to collect insects and this could not happen again.

Over the next couple of months we got to know more about her. She grew up in Brisbane in a conservative household with two brothers, one older & one younger. As children they used to play down by a creek where she learnt to enjoy playing with her brothers cocks. As boys would be boys they would just pull out their cocks and pee wherever they wanted and she said not having one herself she envied the way the boys could do that. She loved watching them pee on trees, in creeks and how they could guide the pee anywhere they wanted.

She also admitted to us that she once had sex with a fellow lecturer at our college and because he was hard and fairly big it hurt her and had never let it happen again. She never told us which one it was even though we tried to get it from her. Imagine our minds trying to work out which teacher it was.

Then one day we saw there truly is a God, she said she had to go back to the college early because she needed to go to the toilet. Instantly both Graham and I saw a golden opportunity to start our pee sessions again.

Graham said to her, We do not want to go back to college early, let us watch you pee, like you used to watch us. She refused even though Graham and I tried to persuade her to let us watch her by saying things like come on fairs, fair you get to see us and we won’t touch you like you touched us. That day ended sadly for us as we went back to college early.

The next day she again said she needed to go back to the school again for a pee. Graham jumped in and dared her to pee for us. Graham and I were beside ourselves trying to get an opportunity to see her pussy, and we both went into beg mode.

She said she could not do it in front us and we asked her why? She just said, because it was not right – Graham said, Yea if it was alright for us to do it for you, you should do it for us. She replied that someone may see her and she could explain it easier if we were caught peeing but not herself.

Graham said no one would come by the creek as it was out of bounds unless with a lecturer and besides we will hear them coming long before they would see anything. She still refused but was not as adamant.

I then said to her look if you will not pee for us how about letting us pee for you again. To our great approval we recommenced our lunch time session of getting insects and our cocks played with whilst we peed.

Over time it went from us just peeing and her holding us and making pattern in the air and on the ground to her jerking us off when we got hard with her holding us. She got to like seeing us cum, to the point we did not have to pee to get pulled off anymore.

Here we were 6 months down the track peeing openly for Miss M’s excitement as well as getting pulled off by her on a regular basis and still had not even seen her knickers let alone her snatch.

Graham told me of a plan he had worked out. The plan was straight forward thinking – she had more to lose than we did, so let’s put the word on her a little heavier and not accept the someone might see us routine.

The next day we went down to the creek as usual and when we got there Graham said to her It was not going to go any further than us YET but it was time she started to let us have a little of our own fun to.

She got a little angry and said what do you mean, Yet.

Graham said – look it is like this, we pee for you and you wank us off and but we want to see your snatch and to watch you to pee for us. It is only fair besides we are getting a little bored with you as we both now have girlfriends who play with us and they let us fuck them, we do not want to fuck you, just watch you pee.

Besides that – (Graham hit the high note saying) look we can end our little escapade here right and now and we will let our mates know what has been happening here and they can come down to the creek with you instead of us, but I tell you they will not keep quiet about what has been happening.

Louise went quite then said, all you will do is watch me pee nothing else.

We both answered do you think we really want to lose you and our little session at lunch time. This started teacher peeing for us as well… What a sight!

This went on for about a month, Graham and I would just stand there and watch this mature women pull down her pants and squat down and start peeing. How do you describe the most wonderful sight as her cunt? It was put together in a nice package no dangly bits hanging out, her pubic hair was neatly trimmed for a bikini and the slit was trimmed a little shorter. We used to really get excited just watching her to the point where I could cum by just watching her pee.

We thought we had pushed her to the limit by letting us watch her, were we game to take the next step. I can assure you with Graham’s urging we were.

The following Friday night the College had a big concert and most of the people at the college were involved in setting up the Auditorium. We along with Miss M. had nothing to do with it and we found out she was going to get away early from college so she and us would not be missed if we came back late from our creek excursion.

It was planned that on the day of the concert we would go down to the creek a little earlier so as she could get away from the school earlier. She as usual had jerked me off and was about to jerk Graham of when he asked her to pee for us first.

Just as she started peeing Graham said to her, we want to touch you like you touch us. She snapped back, that this was not going to happen and has to stop now because she could not have sex because it would hurt and beside we were from her college class. Graham said to her we do not want to root you just play with your cunt, like you have been playing with our cocks.

We had anticipated this response so the plan was to go up to her and grab her by the arms and pull her over just as she was just about to finish peeing. According to the plan we went up to her and grabbed her arms and pulled her over. Not having quite finished peeing it went over her white panties still down around her ankles I cannot remember if pee went on her dress or not.

She got real angry and said this was getting out of hand and had to stop right now.

Graham being the stronger of us held her down whilst I stuck my hand up under her dress and grabbed her snatch and slid a finger in moving it in and out like I do it to my girlfriend. Whilst I was fingering her she stopped protesting a little saying it was alright to touch her but nothing else must happen.

We never said anything but Graham then took a turn to slide a finger in her and played with her clit with the other hand until she came. Even though I had seen my girlfriend cum I never had seen a girl cum before like she did. She went absolutely ballistic.

When Graham had finished fingering her he put his fingers in her mouth with her juices all over them, and she sucked on them real hard I did not know a girl could get so wet that it was like cream on his hand, Graham told me to finger her again whilst she sucked her pussy juice of his fingers. This sucking and fingering caused her to cum a second time and it was as wild as the first time she had cum.

As she finished coming the second time she started to push my hand away saying it was hurting her. Graham then said its hurting you because you want cock. My girlfriend always wants and lets me do it to her when she is like that.

Graham said to me hold her I will put my cock in her, she wants it bad. She started to shake her head saying, No! You can’t you promised. By this time Graham was between her legs saying we never promised anything and shoved his fingers back up her cunt. When he put his fingers back into her she stopped protesting but pleaded with Graham not to fuck her, saying he could just play with her and she would let us play with her anytime we wanted to.

Graham said you only cum with the fingers it was now time for you to come on the end of a cock. She said, if that was to happen it has to happen slowly but only by me because I had a small cock and I probably won’ t hurt her (a small cock can have it benefits) and I had come already. I think she thought because I had already cum I would not get as hard as her teacher mate who took her virginity and hurt her.

I took Grahams place between her legs and she grabbed my cock slowly putting it up against her pussy hoping to control how I put my cock into her. I admit it was not real hard but hard enough to go in to her as I pushed slowly.

When I was finally inside of her my cock got so much pressure built up that it was like a piston rod going in and out of her. She started to cum which was good for me because I was not going to last. She cum before me and as I was starting to cum she pulled away from me not wanting me to cum in her. Whilst I was rooting her Graham was pulling himself watching her cum on the end of my cock.

Graham then told me to grab her and hold her down as it was now his turn to fuck her and as he got between her legs she protested again but Graham said to her my cock is not much bigger than the one that was just fucking you and besides you are so hot and wet it really needs another good fucking.

She just lay there and bit her lip waiting for the pain – but it never came – well not the way she was expecting. Whilst he was fucking her he said to me to rub her clit while he was rooting her. I did not need to be told twice. I was rubbing her clit at the top of her pussy and she was pumping her cunt up into the air to meet Grahams thrust, saying YES, YES, YES, repeatedly.

As Graham started to cum she again pulled away causing him to cum all over the ground. She did not come whilst Graham was fucking her, so he started to finger her again with me. The two of us fingered her together and again she went wild. She came and when she settled down she admitted that it was nice but it should never happen again

We then said to her do not worry it will not happen again unless you want it to happen again like to day. He response Monday, lunch time here at the creek, get condoms.

We continued of lunch time session right until the end of the year and I left school for a job in another town I never saw her again until about 2 years later at a school fete that I went to and she was with another teacher hand in hand.

At the end of the year the Principal awarded Graham and I with a trophy for be so diligent and caring about a school project. I do not think so many insects were collated after school or weekends and placed in a diary for Monday to Friday. We gave the trophy to Miss. M.

I am now 47 and look at my boys and wonder have they ever shafted a teacher.